Thought of the Week…

“Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.” Isaiah 26:4

Our trust is in Him…because while other things are temporary (including our problem) HE is an everlasting ROCK, unmovable, steadfast and eternal. We praise Him for His promises! Amen!

Youth Leaders

Our vision at GOGUth is to L. O.  V. E.

Pastora Ana Perez

Pastora Cindy Peñalva

Dennis Martinez

Analuz Martinez

Sophia Perez

Rene Gonzalez

Katherine Gonzalez

Cristina Carrillo

Jocelyn Verde

Anthony Bunn

Brayan Mena

Reach out to Lost souls

Missions Overseas

Restore and Vivify ministries

Train and Educate leaders

Our group is comprised of young people ranging from ages 13-25.

Our goal is to reach others for Christ by way of evangelism and personal testimony.

Our home church beats with a missionary heart.

Our senior pastor is called to travel all over the world reaching others with the gospel.

People in our society are broken and in need of our Savior. When you come to GOG, our mission is to help restore those lives and giving people a place to bring their calling to life! It is a wonderful thing to watch the work of the Lord come to fruition in the ministry. Lastly, in that restoration process culminates in training and educating young people in the Word. We encourage growth and maturity to take on the responsibility of others who need mentorship and guidance.

We are a team of young people who love Jesus and who love one another! We are desperately trying to live up to those two commandments and trying to fulfill the great commission to live outside ourselves and see the need in others. From young youth to young adults, there are many groups where any can find a place to fit in. Our youth services are powerful and filled with the presence of the Lord. We meet every Sunday at 6pm, and we gather together for a time of games, praise and worship and a message geared to our generation. Following our service, we gather into our respective “Search Groups” where leaders help us as we search ourselves and the Bible to apply the message in a practical way, allowing for questions, debates and discussions. Lastly, all the groups meet again for fellowship at the lobby, where we share a snack or a treat and have some fun!

In order to maintain accountability and growth, we have bi-weekly “Life Groups.” Youth and Young adults alike meet with their respective leaders, based on age and gender, to discuss life and have discipleship in a one-on-one fashion. Life groups are the heart of our ministry. This is where we grow as a family and as Christians, by sharing and by keeping our lives accountable to the Holy Spirit and to one another.

Come and join us! You will be blessed, it is God’s will for your life!